About me

My life in a few paragraphs


I was born in the ’80s generation of Dragons and Dungeons, Star Wars, Operand and Mickey bologna, good harvest. Since I was little I always liked scribbling the notebooks that fell into my hands … I spent hours drawing and copying the comics of Mortadelo and 13 Rue of the Percebe. When I finished high school and after a year of studying psychology at university, I decided to focus on my artistic studies, I enrolled in the School of Drawing and discovered the magic of traditional animation. Cartoon movies do not spit a machine, Take it now !. I started my career as a graphic humorist in the online magazine LA KODORNIZ. Together with the educator Diana Fernández, I made the illustrations for the children’s story “Something happened with the moon and the sun”, a very enriching personal project that I remember with much affection. TALES TO MEASURE, Catalan publishing house, gave me the opportunity to start with children’s illustration, carrying out custom orders for totally handmade stories. For nearly seven years I worked as a designer at the Advertising Marketing Agency, WELCOME ADVERTISING, where we were a big family. In 2013 I continued my career as a freelancer with the same enthusiasm and commitment to this day. I collaborate regularly with the advertising agencies BRAAAND, TIO MATT and LA RESISTENCIA. I have worked for campaigns of BBVA, VODAFONE, TOYOTA, ZODIAC, KIABl or DELAB among others. In addition, I work regularly as Art Director for the video game studio THE ANGRY KRAKEN where I take charge of the graphics and creativity of all the games that are in your Play Store. Currently I work with the degree of Art History, since my main premise is constant renewal and continuous learning, because I have always been clear that … “Knowledge does not occupy place and if it is vectorized, less”